How to keep fuller for longer?

How to keep fuller for longer?

One of the main reasons fat loss diets fail is because of constant feeling of hunger. Eating small portions is unsatisfying, it leaves you feeling empty, fed up and obsessed with food and eating.

I'm going to share with you how to keep fuller for longer.

How much food can you eat?

It's very important to eat a calorie controlled diet. This will ensure that you don't eat too much to have that filling feeling. The idea is that you eat the right amount of food to reach your goal/s feeling full and satisfied.

Check out my calorie calculator to know exactly how many daily calories you should consume.

What food should I eat?

So now we know how much to eat, lets now consider what you consume. Remember your calories will consist of food and fluids.

Water/Fluid intake

First let's talk about our water/fluid daily intake. Health authorities recommended that we consume at least two litres (8 glasses) per day. But there's no scientific evidence on exactly how much you should drink. This is because how much you drink is dependent on your lifestyle, your body composition, your gender, how much activity you do etc.